how to build a pc for gaming

11 Easy steps|How to build a pc for gaming today

Ever wondered how to build a pc for gaming? Making an investment in a gaming computer is one of the best technological investments you can make. The best gaming rigs are much more powerful and reliable than smartphones and have infinitely higher levels of versatility than even the best streaming boxes. No matter what your task requires, a gaming PC provides the best solution. As long as you’re editing video, typing documents, or cranking up the settings on the latest games, you’ll find no better choice

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7 Steps|How to post on Instagram from computer

How to post on Instagram from computer is a question asked by many Instagram followers worldwide. Social networks like Instagram are used for sharing photos and are generally accessed via mobile apps.  However, it does not have a desktop version like other social network. Many desktop computer users find this frustrating as they try to access features on their desktop

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