7 Easy steps|How to become a pro gamer today

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Have you ever wondered how to become a pro gamer and get paid? Do you enjoy playing video games all day and want to make a career from it, then stay tuned.

How to become a pro gamer and get paid:

  1. Planning and setting goals
  2. Equipment
  3. Game Selection
  4. Watch Streaming videos
  5. Compete online
  6. Join Online communities
  7. Join a team

How to become a pro gamer and get paid is no easy feat. It’s very similar to having a full-time 8-hour job, that consists of practice, practice, sleep and more practice. Professional gamers all have different backgrounds and how they rose to the top, but they all have one thing in common, their love for gaming. If you spend most of your day gaming, thinking about how to get to the next level, how to beat your opponent, then thoughts of becoming a professional must have crossed your mind.

In recent years some up-and-coming gamers as young as 16, have been selected by professional teams, but this is not the norm. If you thinking about leaving school to become a professional gamer, think again, as many gamers have failed in this career path. Some professional gamer first finished their degrees and schooling, before they entered their journey on how to become a gamer and get paid.

Some professional gamers have stated that it’s very difficult to become a professional gamer and more difficult to stay at the top. The pressure, traveling and team issues are all dynamics that a professional gamer has to adjust too, on their journey of how to become a professional gamer and get paid.

How to make money playing video games, is just not about gaming, there are certain qualities a young gamer needs to masters, like being a team player. Being a team player is one of the major qualities a gamer needs to have, on their journey of how to become a pro gamer and get paid. Some professional gamers have also stated that constructive criticism, is part of their world and builds character.

How to become a pro gamer and get paid

How to become a professional gamer and get paid

One of the biggest misconceptions of Esports gamers is” That we are a bunch of misfits”. Well if you were a professional gamer earning a six-figure salary just to play games all day, would the “misfit” tag really bother you, I doubt it. Not to mention that top teams sponsor their players with an apartment, state-of-the-art gaming facilities to practice as a team and a kitchen with a chef included.….WOW. Sponsorships like a free pair of brand new “NIKE” sneakers, yes it’s part of the glamour for a professional gamer.

Some parents have done their own research and totally support their teens, on their journey on how to become a professional gamer and get paid. They motivate and encourage their teens while they are participating in online competitions. As well as taking their teens to live tournaments, to experience the real gaming online environment and to meet their gaming heroes. Gone are the days where parents, discourage their teens from sitting in front of PC gaming the whole day.

Esports has become so popular that over 100 US high schools are offering Esports programs, thus introducing hundreds of teens to this new world. This in turn allows the “geeks” to make new friends, play in teams, build character and build confidence. Esports is the new frontier, on how to make money playing video games.

A professional gamer’s life revolves around gaming, to such an extent that there is very little time for anything else like dating. Top teams do not allow their players to be dating, as there is a fear that it will affect the player’s performance. As a result, some players have been cut from top teams, due to not adhering to this rule. A professional gamer’s life basically consists of gaming, eating, sleeping and then more gaming for up to 10 hours a day.

How to become a professional gamer

Top players earn a six-figure salary, but that is only the best players. Not every team pays their players well, hence each top player needs to consider all the pros and cons before signing a contract with a team. When a team wins a tournament, the prize money must be split between the manager, coaches, training staff, traveling cost and players. Some top players, depending on your team and league you are playing, require a part-time job to support their expenses.

The mentality of a professional gamer is one of taking constructive criticism from teammates, including online fans. As well as being prepared to make sacrifices, having no personal life, being a team player and trying to keep a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

How to become a professional gamer and get paid

How to become a pro gamer

Planning and setting goals

Many rising gamers with a dream of becoming a professional gamer, are very enthusiastic about gaming and rising to the top. That being said, many gamers fail along the way as they do not realize the sacrifices involved, in becoming a professional gamer. How to make money playing video games is not that easy, If it was then everyone would have been a professional gamer… true!

One of the key aspects of how to become a professional gamer and get paid is to set a plan. Once the plan is set, the next step is to break it down into small goals. If the goal is to win a local Esports tournament, then the player needs to set smaller goals on how the bigger goal will be achieved. Perhaps by practicing for 8 hours a day, watching more experienced players and learning new skills, chatting to a senior player about their daily schedules, habits, etc


To be a professional gamer, you require the right tools. A gaming keyboard or gaming mouse is specifically designed to give a gamer that extra speed, which could be the difference between winning and losing. Not to mention the setup of a gaming computer, consisting of your motherboard, graphics card, CPU and memory card.

These are all very important issues that you need to consider, if you want to participate in gaming competitions, on the PC platform. If you are unable to purchase the best equipment, then use normal pc gaming equipment. Then as you compete and improving your skills, you will have to upgrade your equipment to have that extra edge over your opponents.

Game Selection

Selecting the right game is very imperative if you want to become a professional in that specific game. Different players have different skills and selecting the game that suits you best as a gamer, will go a long way in helping you become a professional player. After all, if a gamer is not comfortable with a game, then they will not enjoy playing that game for up the 10 hours on a daily basis.

Gamers need to decide between FPS [First person shooter], RTS[Real-time strategy], MOBA [multiplayer online battles arenas], fighting games and card games. The type of game that best excites you compliment your skills and that you can play for extended hours should be your choice. Remember as a professional gamer, you will have to play this game for up to 10 hours a day, every day to improve your skill.

How to become a professional gamer and get paid

Watch streaming videos

Top websites like “Twitch.tv” allow up and coming gamers, who aspire to be professionals gamers, to watch their heroes play online. By watching their heroes, new gamers can learn the tricks of the game and ask questions, thus improving their skills.

Compete online

Every online Esports game has its own hierarchy to move to the next level, thus climbing the ladder. Therefore, start on the lowest level of your specific Esport game and start competing again other players. Setting up LAN games and playing against your friends, is a great method of improving your skillset. Once you have reached the highest level of your particular game, start taking part in local Esport competitions or online competitions. In these competitions, there is a possibility that a gamer can be noticed by a team and be invited to play for the team.

Join online communities

 As you are competing against online players in your specific game, start to join online communities. This is a perfect opportunity to chat with more experienced players, ask questions, learn their habits and see their frame of mind.

Join a team

If your particular game is a team game, then start looking for a team to join, as you start winning local and online competitions. This is one of the advantages of being active in online communities, as they will connect you with the right gamers and individuals. Once your team becomes a force, they will obviously start competing in tournaments locally and in other countries as well. When you join a top team you will be earning a salary and so the journey begins.

Esports is a whole new world, it’s not just about the players, it involves the managers, coaches, developers, sponsoring companies and so much more.

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How to become a professional gamer and get paid

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How to become a professional gamer and get paid

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How to become a professional gamer and get paid

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how to become a pro gamer
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