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How video games can help you learn English 2

How video games can help you learn English: Video games that involve multiple players are the best way to have fun. There are hundreds of thousands of story-based mission games available on the market. People spend hours sitting on their couches enjoying games like “DOTA.” There are a few games that dominate the market, such as “League of Legends”, “Counter-Strike” and “Starcraft II”. Communication is crucial for winning these games.

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There are millions of gamers around the world who are obsessed with video games. The multiplayer video games they love most are mission-based games. “DOTA” and “League of Legends” as well as other multiplayer games are the best for skill-building and practicing English speaking and listening to “DOTA II”, “Starcraft II” and “Call of Duty” are some of the most famous games in the world. 

How video games can help you learn English

Developing Effective Listening Skills

How video games can help you learn English

Learn English through games such as “DOTA” or any other game does not just involve speaking skills but also includes listening skills.

There is nothing more amazing than playing video games with friends or with some random person. There are a lot of challenges you need to meet to reach the next level. And without communication, it is not at all possible. The most effective way to improve listening skills is by playing games that involve combat scenarios, such as “Counter-Strike” or “Call of Duty”.

How video games can help you learn English: Taking part in games like these provides an opportunity to learn modern-day vocabulary. The gaming experience is also enhanced by listening to other players’ commands.

Enhancing Reading Skills

In these games, reading is not an important aspect, but it offers a good opportunity for English learning. Since you can’t focus on both playing and reading simultaneously, you cannot pay attention to both tasks at the same time. You can still learn basic words and phrases when reading the commands, especially when playing multiplayer. The message could be as simple as “thank you” or “watch out”.

Playing video games is fun, but when you’re not playing, read a few gaming articles. When playing games, you’ll find several secret codes and words used by gamers.

How video games can help you learn English: Language learning is often associated with endless lists of vocabulary, hours spent sitting at a desk, and tests that raise your blood pressure intensely. However, learning does not have to take place that way. The more enjoyable learning is, the more likely you will want to learn. In addition to being great fun, playing video games allows you to hear and read so much useful vocabulary. By playing games for one hour a day, you will start to notice your English improving, all because of something you enjoy!

Improving Speaking Skills

A solid foundation in vocabulary and grammar can help students achieve better reading, comprehension, and speaking abilities through video games. Moreover, the effect is even more pronounced in students who struggle. An out-of-state survey found that more than 78% of teachers believe learning games, including video games, are effective at helping struggling students compensate for learning gaps in traditional classroom settings.

As you become more proficient at listening and reading, you are on your way to improving your English speaking skills. Becoming a listener and reader helps you to be a better speaker.

It is necessary to listen to what other players are saying if you are going to learn English through multiplayer videogames. It is also beneficial to respond in a similar tone of voice for improving vocabulary and grammar. In some games, subtitles are available for what other players are saying. This can aid in understanding and responding more effectively.

How video games can help you learn English: For most people, the best way to improve speaking, listening, and reading is to play video games with professional players and native speakers.

How video games can help you learn English

Cognitive development and linguistic skills are improved through video games

What is the best way for students to improve their linguistic skills and achieve better cognitive development through English learning games, or even video games? It all comes down to practice!

A wide range of linguistic skills is naturally integrated into learning games and video games, including reading skills, listening skills, speaking skills, and even writing skills in some games. As a result, students are able to practice the language without having the worry of making a mistake, which is very common in classroom settings. By doing this, they will improve their linguistic and cognitive abilities.

Game-Based Learning Also Provides In-Context Learning

It is inherently beneficial for students to have to use the information in different situations to learn faster and to better comprehend, even if the situations are pretending ones created by English learning games. It is very much like learning through immersion and experiencing life in a different culture, having to learn a new language and interacting with people.

How video games can help you learn English: Therefore, video games provide context and constant feedback that allows students to learn and master English or any new language faster by applying the knowledge they’ve acquired in classrooms or through conventional study methods.

Learning English is Fun and Alleviates Stress

Many students, especially those who may be having trouble keeping up with work, have a great deal of anxiety and stress caused by homework, quizzes, tests, and even class assignments. Student stress and anxiety can actually derail their progress and cause them to feel isolated from other students who are more successful.

The great equalizer is video games though, not just because they alleviate stress but also because they increase social engagement and yes, even allow students to have fun while learning new languages and English in particular.

Several recent studies published in The Washington Post show that playing video games and educational games can be quite healthy for you, including:

  • Alleviate or Reduce Depression Symptoms
  • Reducing or alleviating sleep problems
  •  Reduce Transitory Stress Symptoms

How video games can help you learn English: Throughout the years, video games have proven to be an effective way to learn English or any new language as well as provide a wide range of potentially health-beneficial side effects. Nevertheless, video games are not intended to replace progressive, structured learning such as you would find in classrooms or special education programs like in basic English classes.

How video games can help you learn English

One improvement leads to an improvement in all

How video games can help you learn English

There is no such thing as learning one language skill alone. You can become a better writer by developing an eye for what looks right; becoming a better listener can make you an excellent speaker by hearing your natural speech qualities.

Getting to know English grammar and vocabulary is done by reading and listening to it. If you find it necessary to turn on subtitles, don’t feel embarrassed about it – many native speakers do this to keep from missing any essential information, and listening while reading will help you understand the language more fully.

Become more efficient at multitasking

The process of communicating requires multitasking: depending on what you are trying to express, you are listening to the other person and thinking about how to express it. It is something people do naturally in their native languages. You will need to work harder to think of the words in a second language, which makes it harder for you to remember them.

Research was conducted at California State University on whether action video games may be beneficial for multitasking. They showed that gamers who played five hours a week for ten weeks became more capable of concentrating on multiple things simultaneously. 

As a result, playing video games for hours can make you feel like you have only been playing for a few minutes since they require a lot of concentration. As a result, you’ll boost your concentration skills by playing video games. Consequently, your communication skills will improve. There are some similarities between gaming English and the English that you speak at work. However, what makes the secret code different are the words, the moves, the phrases.

Action and reaction video games are mission-based. It is not hard to understand what’s happening around you if you listen to and command your partners. It can be anything from “jump”, “there is an arrow coming,” “pickup weapon”, to ‘look behind you” 

Playing games like “Call of Duty”, “Counter-Strike” accelerates the development of your speaking and reading skills. Mission games such as these are well known, but they are difficult without reliable partners.

The Benefits of Multiplayer Videogames

Despite their complexity, multiplayer games are highly entertaining. In a fun way, people enjoy practicing their English. Moreover, making grammatical errors is not something to be ashamed about. You will be able to practice your speaking and listening skills by interacting with others in English.

Whenever you play these games, there’s no need to be concerned about anything. Video games such as multiplayer ones allow players to communicate with friends through English. As a result, gamers feel motivated to play and learn the language. Words, phrases, or anything can be used. In any case, learning is still a plus from these games, regardless of how little you learn.


How video games can help you learn English: Games are so much more than just a temptation – it’s a feeling only gamers can comprehend. After a stressful day at work, it gives you a sense of relaxation. Further, learning English through multiplayer videogames is now possible. Respond to gaming comments and ask questions to help you improve your English. In addition, if you take gaming seriously, you should check out game magazines. Among the different features, you’ll find there are reviews, tutorials and recent game news.


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